Notarial Practice

Certain documents must by law be drawn and attested by a notary. Only attorneys who have passed a practical examination and have been admitted by the High Court, can practice as a Notary.

At Du Toit Smuts & Partners Attorneys we have a dedicated team of Notaries who can assist with various Notarial services. Only a Notary Public can assist with such specific services such as: 

  • Registration of antenuptial contracts
  • Registration and cancellation of notarial bonds
  • Registration and cancellation of notarial lease agreements
  • Registration and cancellation of notarial deeds of servitudes
  • Registration of notarial trusts
  • Exclusive Use Areas
  • General notarial practice and drafting of agreements

 Notarial documents are attested before the Notary Public and Notarial Deeds are then registered at the Deeds Office where they become documents of public record.


Contact persons for this area of practice:

Partner: Jurie Grobler

Professional Assistants: Lizelle Douglass


Front: Jurie Grobler
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