Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property – or IP- refers to creations of the human mind, ranging from inventions to literary and artistic works, and including symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce.  Over the years, laws have been developed that allow creators to prevent others from using the products of their creativity, thus giving them ownership of their intellectual property.  They have the right to negotiate payment in return for allowing others to use their creations – and so intellectual property has become a marketable commodity.  Intellectual property owners invest considerable time, effort and money in the creative process, which can be lost if not protected from local and international competitors.

Du Toit-Smuts & Partners entered into a cooperation agreement with international intellectual property law specialists, Spoor & Fisher. Spoor & Fisher specialises in all aspects of IP law with offices in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Europe and 19 African countries.

The cooperation with Spoor & Fisher means that Du Toit-Smuts & Partners are able to offer clients in the Lowveld access to expertise in intellectual property. All IP-related matters will be referred to Spoor & Fisher, which focuses on IP law including patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, and related litigation.

DTSP have had consistent growth over the years and it has become imperative for the firm to be able to provide clients with specialised services in the complex field of intellectual property law. Alignment with a firm like Spoor & Fisher, which over the past few years has been voted by both local and international panels as the top IP firm in South Africa, means our clients can be assured of the very best legal counsel when it comes to protecting their IP.

You can read more about intellectual property in the attached document: What is Intellectual Property Law? or visit the  Spoor & Fisher website:


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